White                               Apple Green                               Yellow

Orange                             Red                                      Purple

Pink                                 Silver Vein                               Burgendy



These are not your ordinary hardware store washers.  We custom manufactured these washers to be consistent in thickness and weight. Official tournament style pitching washers.  Powder coated to perfection. Just $15.00 for a set of four.


  • 2.5" Outside Diameter
  • 1" Inside Diameter
  • Custom Manufactured
  • Consistent in thickness and weight in each set
  • Made in the USA!

More colors and designs to come in the near future.


Powder Coated Washers / Set of Four
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So whether you call it washers, washers toss game, washoes, Texas horse shoes, holey board or washer toss, grab a Willy, let's toss a few!